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Sounds like membership scam 2.0 in the making. How many times will people fall for it? Hopefully I'm wrong.

It is owned by the same people who opened SAFTA, Jessie Meeker and Brandon Banks.

Safe, Family-Friendly, Indoor Shooting Range is Open for Business!

The year was 1999 at Del Oro High School. My best friend Jessie Meeker and I said what any 16 year old would say to their buddy... “we should totally go into business together someday.”

Shortly thereafter I (Brandon) joined the Marine Corps and he (Jessie) enlisted in the Army (don’t judge). After I finished college at University of Arizona #BearDown and he spent eight years protecting the streets of Marana, Arizona as a Police Officer, we went on to open SAFTA, which is now Sacramento’s #1 Firearms and Security Training Academy.

The goal was always to have our own shooting range. 20 years after we said we’d go into business together, I’m excited to announce that we’ve now opened up Placer Sporting Club in Roseville, CA. This is the only (non-LEO) indoor shooting range in Placer County. We’ve only been open a few months, and the response has been amazing. If you’re a Police Officer or a civilian enthusiast... a Veteran or simply just love this great nation (this is a requirement)... and are looking for a safe place to shoot, be sure to reach out to learn more!

We’re member-only and all members are subject to background checks. We can’t wait to see you soon!
Unless they come out and address the elephant in the room (which is that the last club model there failed and the members all got burned) - it's a hard no from me. Anyone joining should just consider their 'security deposit' more of an 'initiation fee' and not expect to get it back.

Since they have not posted any fees or prices, there is no way to know if it is worth considering or not.

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