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Originally Posted by rm1911 View Post
Since I teach economics in high school here's the deal. Some people don't have time to do the search and shop and drive thing. So the cost of that ammo is higher. Someone did the leg work.

You don't go to the farm to get produce. You pay people to bring it to the store and others to shelve it. In fact they're doing people a favor. Because they keep the ammo supplies moving we can get it.

Let's all praise the gouger, hoarder, flipper, speculator, and most importantly the middleman. Without them we'd be worse off.

In fact because of them I've been able to take my sons shooing.

Originally Posted by pappabacon View Post
I never kept those who let me put my roll pin in the wrong hole, I know what kind of lower receivers they are. Probably let anyone come along and stick their roll pin in there.
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