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Here is a pic of the Mauser G41 - the G41(m)
Serial #2500 -
#The bolt is in the upright position, because I missed that detail when snapping the pic - I kept it in a foam-lined storage container with the bolt upright.

It used a bolt action to load it, and then operated as a semi automatic.
The inner and outer bolt being two main parts (in actuality about a 100 parts, lol.)

Theoretically you could then use the bolt action if it jammed - in my experience with it, the jams were related to the bolt group, so the bolt action, was not an option.

This was also a Calguns buy, as a matching mechanism, that I managed to find an original stock and stock-parts for.

It is not an elegant firearm. I am set for G41's. I am a lot more enamored of the G and K 43 series.

BTW - the Swedish engineer who designed the gas-trap system you see at the muzzle end of these two rifles was actually called Bang, Søren Bang.
His system catches the muzzle exhaust, and uses it to push a doughnut washer down over the barrel, that in turn slams into a system of rods that run inside the stock, to the front of the bolt, the system only moves an inch or so but the violent inertia sends the bolt the required distance, necessary to eject and cycle.

*Everything else in the pic is a dummy or a Jap replica.... Except for the all matching G43 AC.
Phoenix, AZ.

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