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This is an old front heavy G41 duv.
This was produced in 1943 so there was no need for the "W" distinction, as Walther had by this time, thoroughly outshone the Mauser G41, the "M."
Which was over engineered and really didn't work terribly well.

A little history:
The government offered a very precisely worded spec to Mauser and Walther.
They both produced G41 rifles.
The G41(W) and the G41(M)
Mauser followed the spec to the word, and consequently made a poor rifle.
Walther ignored some of the problematic elements of the spec, and made a satisfactory rifle.

By 1943, the G43 was being issued, so the pictured G41 duv was an anachronism.

*Pic shown against the background of some K98 bayonets of various years and manufacture.

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