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Originally Posted by astroboy View Post
I haven't really contacted anyone yet. As of now, I am just hoping that
the lady who I spoke to on the phone gave me the wrong info. That one
day I will find out that I am actually eligible to apply.
Well, if that's the case, then I would suggest getting in touch with the people what will (or won't) actually issue your permit.

Are you a resident of LA or SD?
If LA, at the present time... don't bother.
San Diego isn't much more promising.

But as to your citizenship status... are you here on a green card, or are you on a nonresident visa?
If a nonresident, you can't even possess a firearm without a hunting license, and I can't see any county issuing under that condition.
If you are on a green card, I don't see why you would be denied on generalities.
- Rich

Originally Posted by dantodd View Post
A just government will not be overthrown by force or violence because the people have no incentive to overthrow a just government. If a small minority of people attempt such an insurrection to grab power and enslave the people, the RKBA of the whole is our insurance against their success.
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