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Originally Posted by thatrogue View Post
sweet... so it's either "sorry" or "let's have Jessica Knock out your livescan"

My number in line was 3 however I turned down a Oct 5th appointment as I had a schedule conflict... total time from 1st call to 1st offer of appointment was less than 4 days... I am extremely pleased with Jessica's professionalism and follow up, cant wait to meet her and the retired captain.

You specifically mention traffic citations which I have quite a few Speeding/red light camera/ seat belt/ towing related tickets over the years (drove around 60k miles per year for the last 10 years) and two recently... I have only 2 points currently and need advise on how to address this. On the application It ask's you to mention all citations or accidents, does this include even those that are not currently listed on a "soft pull" from DMV?
Yup... they don't waste their time or your money if you don't make the cut.

If you don't mind my asking... how is your traffic record? They have a habit of denying for just a few tickets.
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