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Originally Posted by Walther_Guy View Post
Yes, the bolt stop. Not the bolt. All the rest of the parts right down to every component of the lock frame match. I'm assuming either the original bolt stop broke as I read they are prone to doing that or one of it's former owners replaced it to keep the original from breaking but failed to keep it with the gun unfortunately. What really struck me was how incredibly pristine the bore is considering I've read how many of the bores on these guns are really torn up. One thing about it though that has never really made sense to me, is that the safety will only engage with the hammer down. It will not engage while the gun is cocked. After disassembly, I couldn't find anything obvious mechanically that would cause that. Not sure if anyone else's red 9 does that. I've seen the safety engage on other broomhandles while they are cocked.

On a side note, I stumbled on to it when I went to little shop in Cameron Park to do a single shot exemption in 2014. The C96 was on consignment and according to the employees had had been in the shop for over a year. Asking price was $1200. I asked if they thought the guy would take $1000 (since it had been sitting there so long). They called the guy and he accepted. Owning a broomhandle was on my bucket list and since of all the variations, I wanted the red 9 the most, it was obviously time to buy! lol Serial # on mine is 559xx I believe.
Interesting. My safety I have to cock the hammer back past where it locks, to put the safety on. Does not work hammer down.
I am still waiting for my bolt stop. Yeesh I heard they were slooooow to ship. Springs are stil oos.
My red9 has really sharp rifling as well. Punched nice holes at 50 yards.
O btw ive been offered more than what I paid by 2 gents. Alot more.

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