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ACOGs are great, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

But they’re not for every situation. They’re amazing for fast, heads up shooting that help you see a little further out. They’re light, and very durable. No complications, no frills. The one downside is that the illumination will not work well when shooting from low light position to a bright target.....the reticle washes out. Likewise, if you’re in a brightly lit position and looking into a low light target, the reticle can be too bright. So it’s not ideal for every situation.

LPVO’s are great too, a little more versatile but also come with downsides: low battery life, more complications with changing power, more mechanical parts to break down, much heavier, bulkier, etc. You have to decide what your intended use is, and what matters more to you. Weight and durability, or versatility with a little more precision? BTW, durability is assumed....there are many LPVO’s out there that are very durable, so this may not be a big difference.

Your call.
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