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Originally Posted by bigboyshooter View Post
I did mine back in February at Inland Pawn and they were extremely professional and knew what was going on. I definitelywould not hesitate to use them. They're now on my San Bernardino County CCW.
Just got back from Inland. Jeff had me fill out all of the pawn paperwork, sign and thumbprint, as well as complete my DROS paperwork. I waited about 10 minutes and Jeff returned from the back with bad news. Their license (he didn't say which license) was expired but supposedly renewed. They were not issued a current license certificate and therefore could not enter my information in the system, nor accept my firearm. No money was exchanged and I left with the pistol. Jeff retained all of the completed paperwork and told me he would call me when their issue was resolved. Needless to say, I haven't received any callback and it was pretty much a waste of my time and gas.

If anyone plans on using them for caliber correction, don't bother until they fix the issue.
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