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Originally Posted by JMP View Post
Even with a semi like an AR, you can boresight the target by removing the lower receiver and BCG.

For me, I have never worried about it. I simply install the scope with the desired mount, and I work it out from there. I demand only a 100 yard zero. With good scopes, the clicks are nice and crisp and don't need them spun for a break-in. It's actually in the cheap scopes that sometimes your turrets can get off-kilter when you are dialling at the extremes. There are scopes out there, commonly made in China, that have a silly large elevation adjustment range, but these are pretty much guaranteed to wind up with distortion at the extrema.
Ah that's a good point and a good way to get the AR in the ballpark.

Like you, I just walk it in... shoot at a berm, adjust, shoot, adjust... ok close enough, now shoot at the paper.

However, I've met some guys where that would never work because they don't understand recoil management so they can't spot their hits. I think for those folks... your method of pulling off the lower makes a whole lot more sense. Good idea.
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