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With regards to mechanical zero. What you said is correct. The midpoint should be zero.

As for parallax.. I can take a guess at what you mean.

Many Scopes have a parallax adjustment knob. Especially when the scope has a magnification higher than 10x. With those you set the parallax for whatever distance you're shooting at until you're parallax free.

Now with the Scopes that don't have a parallax adjustmemt knob, those are usually set at the factory for a specific distance. It probably states that distance in the manual or you can give the factory a call.

Most Scopes with lower magnification don't really need a lot of parallax correction at many of the longer distances so it's "generally" ok from that distance and farther.

Even with those scopes though, there is often a way to adjust the parallax to a closer distance by turning the front element. Will however probably void your warranty and maybe purge the nitrogen.

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