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Originally Posted by HK Dave View Post
Not entirely sure what your question is.

Scopes do come from the factory at their mechanical zero, however that means nothing since every rifle has a variances in machining, ammo loads, zero distances.

Can you clarify what you mean?
I thought it was the scope that had a preset parallax independent of the rifle. So, a scope may have a parallax of 100 yards, for instance. You have brought up a good point, though, about ammo loads, zero distance, etc.

Thanks for clarifying that scopes are set for their mechanical zero from the factory. This zero is mechanical only and varies according to load and distance, caliber and machining. Do I understand that correctly?

And if a person adjusts the turrets to each end, and then settles halfway between the extremes, should that be considered a mechanical zero also, similar to setting a rear BUIS to a mechanical zero, or not?

Sorry for the confusion.

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