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My wife is a successful chicken surgeon. Here's her report and hopefully this doesn't happen to you, but if it does, I hope this helps.

"A problem with one of our chickens. She has a huge swelling in her croup. Manipulating it (and cleaning her up she was a mess) I can feel large peices of *something and pockets of air. reading up on this problem it appears we have an impacted croup. options?

1) take $3 mixed breed chicken to vet for intervention, cost between $150-500. (not happening)

2) watch chicken slowly starve to death. (Um, no)

3) put chicken out of its misery.( only if I have to)

4) hold chicken upside down and massage croup to try to get the chicken to regurgitate. you read that right- make the chicken VOMIT. did I mention chicken don't like to vomit? and they just swallow it again as fast as they can bc they are fecking Velocochickens? (yes- we tried it. no it didn't work)

5) using sharp knife or shears, cut into croup and express contents out. isolate chicken withholding food and water for 24 hours , add otc antibiotic to water and offer- or give as injectible- and watch for improvement.

yeah, we ended up going to 5. apparently miss chicken found THE motherload of some large winged metallic green beetle like creatures and devoured them ALL. I lost count expressing them out along with various other rotting croup contents.

this was the most singularly freaking weird thing I have ever done for one of my animals. and pretty much the grossest."
The chicken is still confined, on day 3 since this happened and doing pretty well. She's even laying eggs.
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