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Originally Posted by Dubious_Beans View Post
So far I haven't kept any eggs for more than a month but when the hens start slowing down I will definitely try and stockpile a couple of months worth for "lean times".

What's the longest that you have kept & eaten eggs?
Honestly we dont even date them, just put them in our 2nd fridge and try to rotate left to right, I can say with certainty that we have gone several months, and that some grocery store eggs can be up to a year old when you buy them. If your in doubt about the eggs just crack them into a bowl or something other than what your cooking them in and check them out. Once they start getting old the yokes wont hold together as well but they are still plenty good to eat.

Also your hens probably wont completely stop laying, they will likely slack off to an egg a week in the dead of winter, and depending on breed you might get lucky and get several a week if the hen is really determined.
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