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Default 106 lbs of eggs!

106 lbs of eggs!

Well, the hens have been laying eggs for 5 months now. They popped out the first eggs on Feb 1, and it is now June 30. (150 days)
In that time 7 hens have laid 875 eggs (72+ dozen) weighing a total of 106.47 lbs.! (yes, I have weighed every egg that they have laid and have entered them all in fancy spreadsheet that The Wife built for me.)

A 50 lb sack of "Layena pellets" ($17) lasts just over 1 month and nets us about 180 eggs for a cost of about 9.5 cents per egg. The hens also get some sunflower seeds, a little bit of scratch, and some oyster shell, which pushes the cost up to nearly 11 cents per egg. Assorted kitchen scraps are free.

Most of the eggs I give away to friends & good neighbors but I do sell enough for the hens to pay for their own feed and my family gets all the free eggs we can eat.

A typical days production. 5-6 eggs...

Fridge is filling up. Time to make a bunch of deviled eggs.

Store bought eggs suck. Fresh eggs rock & hens are awesome & I dunno how I ever lived without them.

I'm gonna be so bummed when winter gets here and they stop laying for a while.

I'm very happy to have hens. Hope y'all are too...
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