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Originally Posted by sdnative13 View Post
Does the shack need to be raised off the ground or does it matter?
No, doesn't need to be off the ground really.

But it should be in a spot that has good drainage and water won't pool.

Off the ground may also make it easier to do maintenance.
Chickens poop a LOT. They poop a LOT when they sleep and when they are on the roost. There will be a LOT of poop under their roost area. Someone (you, unless you have kids or hired help) will need to clean up a LOT of poop fairly regularly.
My coop has trap doors in the floor so that all that poop can be raked into a bucket underneath the floor for easy disposal. Good coop design not only makes a cozy place for the chickens but also make it easier for the humans to keep clean with minimal hassle.

A coop with a dirt floor is fine for the chickens as long as it's easy enough for the humans to keep clean. Cuz someone has to clean that mess... and the easier it is the better.
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