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Default Tijuana style shack

Originally Posted by Dubious_Beans View Post
Well, remember that chickens aren't "wild" birds. That's been pretty well bred out of them and they aren't nearly as cold hardy or durable as wild birds. They don't do well getting wet and they need a place that's dry and draft free to roost.
They also seem to like a place that's enclosed and feels protected when they roost. Since they are caged they can't go wandering about to find ga suitable place of their own choosing so it's up to you to provide some shelter.

They don't need a fancy "house", but they need a place that's enclosed enough to keep the wind out and has a roof to keep the occasional rain off of them and for them to feel secure at night.
Almost any kind of "Tijuana style shack" that gives the birds a dry and out of the wind place to roost should do in mild climate but I think a lot of folks build a fancy house because they also have to look at the thing sitting there in the backyard.
good thing I was sitting when I read your reply.

Does the shack need to be raised off the ground or does it matter?
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