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Originally Posted by chris View Post
Very cool I will look into that. How did you secure the nipples to it. I have thought of using them. what I have noewas little cost so no biggie in changing. Where did you get the nipples from?

Got my stuff here: Farmtek

here are the watering nipples.
The ones I have are screw in type but I cannot find them now on this site.
You drill a proper size hole then screw in the nipple.
The chickens simply peck at it and the water runs down the steel portion into their pecker.

Keep in mind that I did switch to a 5 gal bucket with a lid for ease of cleaning it. I also have a piece of tubing going from the bucket lid to the outside of the fenced yard so I can insert a hose to fill it.
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Put you link where your opinion is.
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