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Default Old Kal citizen thanks Lucky

My transaction with Lucky was smooth and pleasant. Bought 200 rounds of 125 gr Speer Gold Dot (Sig 357) and 3 boxes (50 ea) of 124 gr 9mm HST JSP FedPrem. Wasn't cheap ($451 total) but it was no nonsense and shipped the same day.
This should make my new, waiting in the wings of Fiendstein, Sig P229 quite happy for a few minutes. And me happier for a lot longer if I have zero malfunctions. It's the new KalSig Eeew2 I'll be shooting (my trademark, hehe) with the recent Kal changes but, it still felt so much better than the Glocks (my dept's choice), Springfield, Ruger, etc. and the other smaller 9mm's I tried for my sissy like, smaller than average mitts. Thanks Dad!
(Really, a WW2 veteran with action in the Pacific, worked 20 yrs in Corrections after that, then raised four sons, one KIA in Vietnam as an Army private, a second who saw action in 'Nam as a Marine Sgt., then a third was a street cop and moi a prison cop. Same prison as Daddy-O. Oh, he raised a daughter who married this weird singing, dancing man from a troop of all males. They'd sing, dance and "swab decks" for months at a time due to excessive seaman I guess, all without ever seeing a real woman. I think they called themselves... the Navy.
Never heard of them.
Proud of them all. Salute.
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