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So there's a certain gun that will be coming out in the next few months and I want it.

The company has no indication of producing it in an AR pistol set up only in SBR.

My question is, can an out of state FFL receive an SBR and pin a fake can to it and then ship it here to CA? (we are assuming it will have BB and all that junk as well)

When an SBR leaves the factory, is it registered with the government or logged in a certain way so that it can only be an SBR and not a regular rifle?

In the Calguns pics sub forum I've seen several rifles like this. Particularly Krink's and Dracos that have fake can's permanently attached/pinned. Can't tell whether these are home builds or were pinned by an FFL before taking possession.

I'd like to aim this discussion towards out of state FFL's since I know SBR's are illegal here in CA so they can't even accept them without getting in trouble unless they have special permits or you're an elite of some kind.
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