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Originally Posted by kojac View Post
Now, I know I'm late to this party, but when we say multi-acre, are we talking less than 5 or more than 20? Is the attacking force expected to be mounted or dismounted? Fire team, squad, platoon, company sized element? Civilian arms only, or captured military gear? Availability of explosives? Knowledge of explosives manufacture? Materials on hand?

Personally, to defend a large area containing several buildings, I would want, at minimum, a squad sized element with rifles, nvg's. I would want tank traps at entry points, sandbags/equivalent cover at various defensive positions, command det HME devices at my ECP and internal chokes (both antivehicle and antipersonnel), a few loyal, obedient, large, aggressive outdoor dogs, a rotating watch schedule, and several vehicles staged ready to take on planned exit routes, primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Efforts to consider useless: obstacles meant to stop personnel, defensive aids that highlight your forces' positions, untrained members of your team participating.
You can find answers to all your questions by reading the earlier posts in this thread.

As far as area to defend, the map the OP provided shows they have at least 6 square kilometers to worry about and upwards of 10 depending on if they want to keep watch on the road to the rear of their location.
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