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Originally Posted by chainsaw View Post
How do you know that I'm not involved in the movement?
I don't. However, I do recall you mentioning that you'd withdrawn from activism because you felt the movement was too permeated with "wing-nuts". If you've changed your mind, welcome back.

Originally Posted by chainsaw View Post
Is attending the final hearing, at which the proposed ordinance will be voted on, the best way to be involved? Isn't it a better idea to work directly with the decision makers, before the vote?
Well, I'm not sure. You stated in an earlier post:

Originally Posted by chainsaw View Post
According to the paper, only three people showed up to testify ... It seems that the pro-gun community completely forgot about this, or maybe it doesn't actually care.

... And according to Google, the hearing today was a 56 minute drive from the offices of the CGF (assuming they are still at 751 Laurel, which is the most recent postal address I have on file).
So... showing up isn't constructive, but CGF is remiss for not showing up?

Originally Posted by chainsaw View Post
Furthermore, at the time of the hearing, I was at 1555 Berger Drive. Interesting coincidence of the name, isn't it? Except that this is the Berger Drive in San Jose.
Ah. You were busy doing something else. Did it occur to you that CGF Directors might have also been indisposed? I, for one, was in San Francisco. Gene was flying from somewhere to LA. Brandon, Washington. Bill, San Jose. Paul, LA. Jim, LA. Ivan, working in the East Bay... but I'm sure that you get the point.

We (CGF) are thrilled when we can get involved to help educate local governments - but we do have limited funds, time and resources. Honestly, it's why we're thankful that there are people like you who take the time to "work directly with the decision makers, before the vote".
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