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We are tracking this and I've been waiting for the affected FFL(s) to contact us (we don't have their info) so we can get them hooked up with Don Kilmer.


Originally Posted by otteray View Post
San Francisco-based non-profit Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is involved and it sadly looks like they will win this one, even after 60% of those attending the previous meetings spoke against a moratorium.
I had heard that there was a letter from CRPA lawyers to the board, but it has not been shown publicly, as far as I know. I had asked Wildhawker about it on the air (on California Gun Talk) and he was not aware of it either. I know he can't be everywhere at once, so that is totally understandable. If anyone knows of it, please share it.
It looks like our Board of Sups will be following LCPGV guidelines for their new restrictions, according to the meeting agenda notes (link).
It's a bummer that someone knowledgeable and respected from Calguns Foundation doesn't live over here and could show up to refute their lies this coming Tuesday. I'd beg Santa Clara's Bill Weiss to drive over the hill on horrible Hwy 17 to reason with the board, (now there's a guy that can truly and smartly speak about our rights) ; but he'd only get three minutes at the podium like anyone else, speaking without being heard by the close-minded board. Understandably, it is not really worthy of a long drive when the Board ignores what he or anyone else say anyway. So it's up to us locals to show up.
I'll probably go and stammer my disdain for this action by our county leaders, once again, along with all the others that also did the same before and will continue to do so.
Please, write the board as described earlier in this topic and maybe they will think about it.
Man, this sucks. Rant off.
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