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Install the front and rear rail "blocks" first and pin them in the frame. Do not install anything else in the frame. Then remove the RSA and barrel from the slide. Fit the slide to the frame. Should run like a skateboard. If not then install the slide but stop before the slide makes contact with the rear rails, keeping it square to the frame. If the slide runs free on the front rails then it's the rear rails that need work. Start on the outside edges get them smooth with a jeweler's file and 300 grit or less sandpaper. Shouldn't have to remove too much material. Try the slide again. Keep going 'till you get it running smooth.

Throw away all the LWD receiver parts, sorry.

Install your new gen 3 OEM receiver parts. If the slide doesn't run then reference the previous pics regarding the RSA clearance channel that you hogged out. And make sure the slide lock spring is seated correctly.

Still not running correctly then Randall has it right . . . it's probably the barrel/slide lockup.

You're pic shows the slide moved very little after a shot. If you've done all of the aforementioned I'd say it's your RSA is hanging up in the channel or on the slide lock spring.

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