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Originally Posted by MudCamper View Post
Given the Richards ruling today, I plan on submitting my application as soon as we know there won't be an en banc review in Peruta.

While Richards was Reversed and Remanded with only a reference to Peruta as the reason, Richards was all about "good moral character". The Sonoma County Sheriff may still deny on GMC, but he may see the writing on the wall at this point. He'd lose in a followup case. I'd gladly be that followup case.

Just keeping my fingers crossed on the Peruta en banc...
I have the feeling that the way they just referenced Peruta, it's not going to be "If you aren't allowed to deny for lack of "Good Cause", you also can't deny for lack of proof of "Good Moral Character," IE the only way a Sheriff can deny you for GMC is by PROVING you have "Bad Moral Character." What that proof is, that is still to be defined directly, but I feel it falls under the 9th's statement about not getting in the way of laws that deny access to felons, mentally ill, proven to be a danger to self or others. Basically, if you are legally allowed to buy a gun, you should be legally allowed to get your CCW. It probably won't end up quite that liberal, but a traffic ticket or two definitely shouldn't be cause for denial.
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