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Originally Posted by Captiontom View Post
I can't remember off the top of my head because I haven't changed the barrel put in a few months. I just leave the wrench set to the same poundage so I don't have to remember it. I think it's right around 25 inch lbs. You can get a torque wrench from harbor freight in inch lbs for about $10
Thanks, for the info. I will look into one at that price. Translating N-m to in-lb just involves multiplication and division. The formulas are easily found with Google or derived. But it would be better to have a dedicated wrench with the shooting tools rather than one day try to figure out where the bicycle torque wrench is. I use it to tighten bolts on carbon fibre parts—it is easy to over-tighten them and damage them. People don't realize the damage until their handlebars crack while climbing or the seat post in a crash or while descending. That's dangerous.
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