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Originally Posted by Exodus343 View Post
touche my friend touche

Hey OP, I hear you wore body armor to the LAX shoot

I may need to start armoring up at the range.... I got muzzled by an AR, a 22 AR, and a freaking 357 magnum, my god was I scared....

When we pulled up to the range, there was a group of Eastern Europeans (Not going to specify because I don't want to get this thread pulled)
Anyways, they were having lots of fun, until my friend told me that we just got muzzled by an AR, that certain individual also had his finger on the trigger....

to continue, we just kinda chilled and warmed up then all of a sudden, the paramedics pulled up, two member of that group got hurt by a revolver, one substaining a hand injury (due to lack of competence and grabbing the revolver like a semi automatic.... which is NOT ALLOWED because that gap in the cylinder will cut your hand) another member of that party apparently substained a shrapnel wound to the neck, almost to the jugular...

so they got wrapped up by the EMTs and Fire Dept the last guy decided to shoot the 357, and guess what.... he didn't handle the revolver right and the revolver came full force and left a bad cut on his forehead, and that is when he turned around, hand on the gun, finger on the trigger.... muzzled everyone behind the firing line...

that was when my friend decided to put his 338 lapua magnum on the bench as close to the rear of the bench and started to shoot so they would leave, which they did

anyone know where I can get some level 4 plates? LOL

Man that is crazy!

And now we know why so many ROs and gun store employees have a Dickish rep, imagine dealing with that on a daily basis!
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