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Originally Posted by FMJBT View Post
The only Navy guys that I've seen wearing MARPAT are usually Corpsmen (FMF) or crypto guys that are temporarily assigned to a USMC unit. If wearing MARPAT, they should follow USMC uniform regs.

The newer Navy uniforms worn by SPECWAR, SeaBees and a few other select units look very similar to MARPAT, but are more of a light green shade. They fall under the same regs as the super cool Michael Bay style NWU blue camouflage uniform, and the rules for wearing them while off base are not as restrictive as the USMC regs.
Your'e 100% correct. I remember looking at it and saying to myself that's a odd shade of MARPAT. Then I looked it up and itss called NWU type III. MARPAT has orange/brown shades mixed into it,while NWU has more " greens".

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