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Originally Posted by emtmark View Post
Please please please take it slow like days weeks slow. Leave an empty magazine with her if she wants or empty shell casings. Everything is a trigger, no pun intended, and you don't want to pull them all at once. Figure every sense, sight, smell, taste, etc. will need singular exposure time. One trigger many times until their is no flinch. Then group triggers, i.e. build gun, dry fire. Don't even let her rack the action just take it from her or have her set it down.
I have to respectfully disagree with this.

You should start slowly and be very aware of how she's reacting to each step (consult with her friends if needed). HOWEVER, while most will respond positively to the the slow-and-steady approach above, some people will "get on a roll" and be ready/able to skip ahead several steps or confront things they wouldn't have the courage to at any other time (Generally, you can consider it an "Eff Them" mood). Some will come to that point but stop, needing just a (TINY!) push to go forward. IF, IF the invitee is one of those people; be ready to suddenly revise your plans.

Again, do not push; but also do not try to stop her if she gets on a tear.
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