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Keep in mind a few things:

1. They know that we're running a drill. We're not hiding it.

2. They know what we want from them. We're not hiding it.

3. The Sheriff has some very serious constitutional issues, as well as statutory issues, to address *very soon*. Their moves will be very carefully calculated from here on out, because we're playing chess, not checkers.

4. The Sheriff knows (or has been advised) that the risk is less to delay - even inappropriately - than make a mistake and create additional exposure.

5. The Sheriff knows that they have the greater of 30 days from receipt of the DOJ's PC 12052 report, or 90 days from the initial application, to make a determination - and that we're paying close attention (with a hammer in hand).

Let's allow everyone to resume normal operations after the holidays and see where we stand.

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