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Personally to me? Its like with cars, bikes, trucks etc. I am small in frame and weigh barely 90 or so pounds. So I am not very big lol, and look rather girly as my bf puts it. I have a heavily built sti and evo, I also am completing my new camaro for the Sema auto show in nov. I just took delivery of a supercharged Ford Raptor, and I have a 06 3500 chevy dually, I ride a gsxr 6, cati monster, sportster and a cbr.

I intend to buy a LWRCI PSD and REPR after I become a perm resident in Colorado. I drift my rwd import cars like my 240sx, my bf's s15 silvia. I have a few old muscle cars, like a 66 stang fastback, a 71 monte carlo, 68 ss chevelle and etc.

I go fishing, I go hiking. Off roading and I stunt my spare suzuki gsxr. I have my own snap on tool set at my bfs in their own toolbox. I have a craftsman set at my parents house, and have another set in CO in the house I just bought.

Big Brake stoptechs, or brembos? Sure, I like those, 4 lug to 5 lug 90 mustang notchback with a new 2011 ford 5.0 motorset? sure.

I may be of the opposite gender, but I don't let anyone tell me its the less of the two. Pfft. And as for sensitivity on forums? It just comes with the territory, as long as someone isn't vulgar and outright disgustingly rude, than I don't really care.

I like shooting, I like working on cars and bikes, I like doing alot of stuff most consider a guys thing lol. And I am happy to see more and more women also getting into shooting for a hobby and or practice for home defense.

I usually don't let on that I am not a guy for a while, some pick up on it, but most don't other wise I rarely say anything on other forums.

Being polite and a good person has nothing to really do with gender, honestly. But some people have the need or driven tendency to be semi douche bags. lol. But whatever, doesn't really concern me. If you can't come into things with a thicker skin to jokes or just a guy oriented and dominated area, than what do you expect to come from it? If people are just rough, its ok. BUT, if they are really rude, and make lude comments, than let them know. Don't take crap from anyone, report report report. lol.

Hope everyone understands that, other people regardless of sex, race, creed. Are entitled to fair good standing treatment. I hope everyone can behave themselves and act like adults, not as stupid children on video game networks playing shooter games and being juvenile about things.

On a side not I don't expect to be treated like a flower and talked all sweetly too. I am not here for that, I am here to learn about fire arms I may be interested in, ask Qs of owners, or get help figuring stuff out or becoming better informed. Thats all. Not to have flame wars, or get talked down on.

But for the most part? 99% of my experiences on here and at ranges? Has been awesome, great people, great guys, no problems. So hope everyone is having a good week!
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