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AR advantages: weight, range, accuracy, weight of ammo.

AK advantages: reliability, stopping power.

In all reality, 5.56x45 will do just as good a job as 7.62x39, so now we're down to reliability. In a SHTF situation, are you going to be firing 200+ rounds? Not likely, you'll probably be conserving your ammunition as much as humanly possible. IF (I repeat IF) you are in a situation where you're dumping 200+ rounds of ammo, something is seriously wrong, but a clean AR should have no issue firing off a full combat load without interruption of the cycle of operations.

I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather carry the 6-9 lb (depending on your build) and more accurate rifle with more ammo. I guess I'll have to suck up the .25 lb cleaning kit in my pack. If I happen to be enough of a ****bag to let my rifle get dirty enough to jam, I'll tap-rack-bang and clean it at the next available opportunity.

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