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Originally Posted by kojac View Post
I know someone has already replied to you, but this statement is infuriating.

As someone who has actually BEEN there and seen the problems, and been frustrated by them, I wholeheartedly resent your statement. The M16-A4/ M4 platform is entirely reliable and maintainable. It is more accurate than the AK systems, follow on shots are easier to keep on target because there is less recoil. It kills Taliban just fine.

The problems with the counterinsurgency efforts of the United States have been a matter of politics and commitment. In order for a counterinsurgency to work, you have to make the population like you more than they like the insurgent forces. That means a long term plan to make their lives better. Schools, industry, infrastructure, and security are all important.

Inform yourself before you denigrate the ability of American grunts to maintain and use their rifles.

i am resisting the urge to give this a further stir, and will remove my post.
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