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If I can only take one weapon I'm grabbing the M1 Garand, the wife will have the AK-74. I have PLENTY of ammo for both, a good number of mags for the 74 and a metric buttload of enblock clips for the Garand.

My thinking is that on a two person team, one AK-74 and one M1 Garand is darn near perfect. The 74 will be useful for quick engagement of multiple targets within 300 yards while the Garand will be quite useful out to 500 yards and beyond, and also for turning cover into concealment.

Every bit of Garand ammo I would have on me would already be loaded in enblocks, no mags to worry about retaining or losing, the enblock ejects automatically and reloading can be done in seconds.
This is my same philosophy for any BOL location. Garands and 74s, a good combination of heavy hitting, long range .30 caliber and the lighter controllable 5.45x39.

Budget has played a big part in these decisions, service grade Garands are currently $650 from the CMP, and Greek .30-06 is around $115/200 delivered. So for the price of one M1A and ammo you can get 3 Garands and ammo. This is important if you plan on outfitting other members of a family, or have kids that will someday need good reliable guns of their own.
Budget also played a major part in going with the AK74 as well. I went with the 74 back when 74 ammo was very cheap, and as a result was able to stock a comfortable amount of 5.45x39
I put a lot of thought into SHTF weaponry and that is what I came up with for primary armnament on my budget. Now, I'd like to eventually get an AR-15 or two also simply due to parts and ammo availability post SHTF, but I personally don't feel under gunned currently with Garands and 74s.
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