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Originally Posted by Oliver_Charles View Post

6.8 was to replace 5.56 but the money isn't there. If we were in different times 6.8 would be standard issue.
The 6.8 SPC (special purpose cartridge) was never going to replace 5.56mm hence the special purpose part. It is/was a niche round which ballistically is great, giving you .308 ballistics out to 400m. For standard issue to US ground forces a cartridge like the 6.8 is not necessary as even in a fire team of four men you have four rifles engaging targets. Multiple weapons, fire and movement, fire and maneuver, and supporting arms defeats the need of a magic bullet that gives you (maybe) a one shot stop.

Replacing a cartridge like the 6.8 would entail replace every upper receiver, every single magazine, bolt, etc. etc. in the entire DOD inventory. That wont happen until something really monumental comes along. Just logistically unfeasible at this time.

So maybe for a smaller team that does not have all those luxuries 6.8 is the way to go for that niche. A cop on a patrol beat? Sure.

Originally Posted by Oliver_Charles View Post
SF team 5 has used them in every configuration including SBR and it rules, head chopper.
OK, who?
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