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Originally Posted by Handshaker View Post

I dont need any reason to shoot them, other than they are trespassing on my property. I guess you dont know how to read the California statute. A rattler is wild and it is alive(wildlife). Just because you think its not illegal doesn't make it so. And if they live after relocating doesn't mean you are not breaking the law. Are you willing to call fish and game and bet you wont get cited? I will post here because you are clearly clueless.

When asked what someone should do if they find a rattlesnake in their yard, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Biologist Kevin Brennan said, “Nothing. If it’s threatening you or your pet and you’re willing and capable, kill it. Otherwise, just spray it with a stream of water from a hose and it will go away.”

Often, however, people relocate the snake to another property. “It is illegal to relocate any species of wildlife in California,” said Brennan. He said doing so is considered abandonment. The reason why is because the animal’s chance of survival is very slim. “They usually die within a matter of weeks.”
Ya ... like I said "WRONG!"

I want you to thing for a minute how you look here on CGN, a grown man ... or maybe you a girl (I don't know) but think now. You are having an internet road rage right now ... you are freaking out over what? ... WHAT!? You freaking out over whether a rattlesnake should be killed, relocated, and OMG it's illegal to relocate a rattlesnake out of danger from humans that may kill it. SO WHAT ...!

It is what it is ... and you are there freaking out like a ... like ... well ... like a little girl right in front of everyone on CGN ...!
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