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Originally Posted by taifei View Post
My Pro9 trigger was pretty bad in the take up. It felt like the I was rubbing a spring against a surface. It's only noticeable in the pretravel so after the first shot, if you shoot to reset, you don't really notice it at all. The USB with my apex comp kit got rid of it. It also lightened the trigger by a good amount (the whole kit). I still have a stock trigger on my 40c and it's almost night and day compared to my FSS and Comp kits but it's not something I want to spend another $70 on atm. Also new gen FS (4 1/4") non CA versions seem to have a better trigger than the Pro/Core series. My Pro (and your CORE from the picture) are not sporting the full set of upgrades yet. The frame and sear housing are the obvious ones.
It is quite a bit better than my compact was and is still almost as nice, even with the Apex kit in the compact. I'm happy with the weight. The only thing that seems to be a little under par, is the grittiness M&P's are known for. I think I'll polish up the striker block and see if it goes away. Still may get the trigger. I love the way my wife's Ruger LC9 trigger is. I like the trigger safety lever inside the trigger, better than I do the M&P trigger safety. Not sure if I'll like it, but I guess I can sell it, if I don't. I gotta say though, the only thing I liked about the Glock, was the trigger. So I think I will.

Pic thread...

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