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Originally Posted by 7.62x63mmUS View Post
If by correct you mean an original 1903A4 then prepare to pay thousands of dollars. Replica 1903 sniper rifles can be found at various places built on mostly '03 reactivated drill rifle receivers like these: URL=" gfield+30.06+Rifle&groupid=12"] gfield+30.06+Rifle&groupid=12[/URL]
Well, there are plenty of WWII parts-matching/arsenal checked Remington & SC 1903-A3s available still packed with cosmoline which are about as original as you can get on a budget, many with RIA barrels that still look new (I can post pics of mine as an example), and can be had for under $800.00.

However, since mentioning you want to add a scope, then that would be a 1903-A4 "sniper" version; while still a 1903, it is a different creature altogether in terms of rarity, much more rare, and yes, a correlating collector cost-factor. But "correct" historically doesn't have to mean an A4.

Keep in mind, they made MILLIONS! And may are still around. You don't have to settle for that refurbished parts-gun from AIM Surplus, which has no collectible value, lacks integrity, and while quite pretty and probably done very well and probably shoots well, is not much better than a movie-prop for close-ups.
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