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Hey guys. I'm looking for some H4350 powder. I have SPP, SRP, 1# Bullseye to trade, or cash. Anyone have a 1# bottle to spare? I have a new to me 7mm-08 I want to work up a load for.
What rifle and what length barrel are you using.

I've shot 7-08 from a BLR with a 20" barrel, and found that the medium burn rate powders work well. The 7-08 is a 308 and many reloaders that I know use mid to fast powders in their 308s with similar length barrels. The slower powders like 4350 seem to be the favorites of the 6.5 mm Swedes or the Mausers with the longer 29" barrels.

My favorite loads for my 7-08 are with Varget. I have experimented with IMR 4350 in a 7.5 mm Swiss with a 25.5" barrel shooting 175 gr SMKs (which is close to 308) and while it shot ok. I settled on IMR 4064 because it shot as well out of the shorter barrel and required about 14% less powder to produce the same velocity. And 4064 has a similar burn rate to Varget, but was easier to find.
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