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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
A 20 gallon compressor is most likely not going to supply enough air volume to blast with.
Read the blaster CFM requirements.
Then read the compressor's CFM output.

Try turning the pressure down to 90psi so that your 125psi tank pressure will last a couple seconds longer.
Next, get a bigger diameter and shorter air hose.
You can't flow much air through the 1/4" air line you are probably using.
By short burst, I mean less than a second. The psi on the gauge is still reading basically full. And as I said, I am using a 30 foot 3/8" hose. It would seem to me that the pressure regulator is the problem.
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California's government needs to legislate themselves out of existance.
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New York State is like Narnia in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: winter lasts for hundreds of years, the government is evil incarnate, and when you step outside of it you immediately see that it's not part of reality.
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I love the color, thickness and texture of your wood.
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