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The only range I have ever found that allowed live-fire draw-n-shoot and reload practice was a range in Las Vegas that let me use a solitary bay for practice when I went in early in the day. I was there for an extended work stay and they let me do so once I showed them I had a decent level of competition experience. Doubt any in CA will allow this unless they are holding an action competition.

As far as getting back in the game, if you were sharp at one point, doing dry fire and draw, reload and movement exercises at home should be all you need to get your moves back on.

BTW, dry fire with semi-autos does not require snap caps, total PITA to do so for continuous dry firing anyway. All my semi's have 10's of thousands of dry fires on them to no ill effect, Glocks, SIG's, 1911's, centerfire revolvers, all good to go. Only type of firearm you should not dryfire without snap caps is a rimfire revolver.
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