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Originally Posted by beb View Post
Id imagine that when Im married; my hubby and I would do home shopping partially based on how we could position ourselves in case of a break-in, going on range dates or clean guns together (he cleans, I supervise).

I find it a turn-off when I meet a guy and find out he has no interest in guns. I dont think I want to try and get someone into guns, either.

Are any of you dating someone who doesnt like guns at all? Or if they werent into guns, would you still have enough common interests?
Based on my experience with an anti-gun ex, my answer is that dating someone opposed or uninterested in firearms should be considered on a "case-by-case" basis.

Ultimately the biggest point of conflict will be spending money on your interests. That's a problem when half of the household thinks firearm related hobbies are a waste of money. Ammo isn't free, mags aren't free, and firearms aren't cheap either. Compared to some consumer items handguns and rifles are actually rather affordable -$2000 AR15 vs $3500 MacBook laptop for example-but good luck convincing an uninterested spouse of that fact. To them, you're just lighting money on fire because they don't see the value of your hobby.

The long term sustainability of the relationship will depend on the spouse's open minded attitude. If they are closed to the idea of firearms as a positive, hit eject and don't look back. If they're open to rational convincing, you may create the next Jessie Duff or David Sevigny. Its not something you can make a universal rule for.
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