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Well this one only took 30 or so posts before it turned into a fight and a mere 80 posts for Obama got into it (not even sure how that happened).

Father of 3 boys (22, 19 and 16) and I would NOT take them to a range when they are car seat age.

Putting aside the lead issue (as I'm not sure one outing would have any lasting effects) . . . the real issue is the noise as all it takes is a few exposures to have measurable hearing lose.

As new shooter I took my boys who are full grown to the range. We bought 4 pairs of those $18 ear protectors. 2 of my boys complained it was to loud. Oldest said it was to loud but he was having to much fun. We went back in and got ear plugs to wear under the ear muffs and it was better. Since then I've invested in much better noise cancelling ear muffs.

Point here is I would never take the boys to do anything that has risks until they were old enough to tell me they did not like it or want to do it. An infant does not have that ability.

So failure on the father in my opinion . . .
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