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It's really true, that the earlier the exposure to lead, etc., the worse it is. Little children are the most vulnerable and there's no question about it. Because it's CUMULATIVE exposure, which is to say, no one gets lead poisoning from one exposure, it's repeated doses that do the damage.

When pencils still had lead "leads" in them, children and adults got poisoned gradually, by licking the ends, for decades. (Yes, they really did it. Ask your grampa). Now pencils have graphite in them, because someone noticed lead poisoning symptoms showing up. I'm not persuaded that graphite is good to eat, but people rarely lick the ends of pencils any more. Pewter was a common food container throughout history and yep, has lead as a major component. It's a miracle the species survived.

Bringing it to parents' attention to such risks in a polite and reasonable way is a good thing to do, they may not know. However, attacking a parent for keeping his child close is not going to get the desired result, or any good result at all.

Let's give good advice and let's be civil about it.
Do only safe sex. Never have sex with someone crazier than you are.
Don't marry or move in together before you're both at least 25.
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Don't smart-mouth judges, or cops who stop you on the road.

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