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Default 10/5 build

I am sorry to say that we r full for this Saturday so we will start a schedule for the 12th a little early maybe Friday. If anyone wants to go on wait list to fill in a canceled appointment please email me and I will put you down in order of received and number of 80s as I try to fill with same if possible. Please be flexible as I send out email as soon as I get email. I just bought another mill and am waiting for the cnc retro kit so we can get more of you calguners in but that is still 4 weeks away.
What is not that long away is the new 1911 80s with forward rail that is coming out next week. I will anounce after tomorrow's test but unlike others out there you will be able to put whatever grips you want on these. Not locked into plastic.
First run arrives at my door Friday so I will put pics up soon after
Clint Atkins