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Merc makes a valid point but if that was the way we think because we are in California then there would be no point in owning anything but a highly accurate bolt action because thats pretty much the only thing that isn't neutered. I want a Kriss bad. They actually sell the pistol version as well which if you put a sling on and a sight would be pretty cool because you wouldnt have the large fake can on it and if you ever move out of state you could build it up properly but if you have no plans on ever moving then getting the neutered one might be best so you could at least shoulder it. The anti muzzle climb V tech is pretty awesome which is you fired off 10 rounds really fast I'm sure would be more accurate than if you did so with a regular .45.

As far as other rifles you could spend a lot of money building a really nice 10/22, the fun in getting all the new components would keep you busy and happy for months.

Or if your into shotguns you could get the KSG for around the same price and it is a pretty interesting weapon.
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