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Originally Posted by BadMatt View Post
@gunntz and anyone else: I'm an AR noob. Can you explain what you mean by gassed and headspaced? I assume "gassed" means cycling the action. Can you be more specific? Thanks
Didn't realize the thread was still moving. Yes, my term gassed refers to the proper cycling of the bolt/carrier. Early on and still today a bunch of people had issues with improper location of gas tubes and port sizes on the barrel. This made for some interesting cycling issues on the 300blk. While the AR platform bolt will compensate for a little head space variance, it doesn't mean its right. The bolt should be properly checked for distance in between the barrel chamber and bolt for reliable/safe use. Most people just put parts together and assume they will work, this is not always the case because today's definition of "milspec" seems to vary with manufacturers. 90% of the time it is just better to buy a completed upper, the parts have been tested and fit for correct operation; Plus you have a warranty if anything goes wrong.
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