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Originally Posted by slosurfer View Post
Just wondering if all the people who are saying 5.56 is inhumane also say the same thing about bow hunting? That also takes skill, discipline, and shot placement ....
I think rather they are saying that if you are going to choose a firearm, then try to be humane about it because you have a choice and an option to be more humane with little extra effort or hindrance to getting the animal—so why not be as humane as you can? Doesn't hurt. Bow hunters jsut don't have too many options to choose from regarding more or less humane kills. Does that make sense to you or am I not expressing it the way I think I am?
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Not wasting any more time and energy tilting, Don Quixote-like, on a regulatory problem that, constitutionally, should not even exist in a free state.
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