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Originally Posted by NRai2001 View Post
What about a AR upper chambered in 7.62??

What about 12 gauge slugs? whats the range on hunting with slugs? My Semi shotgun can hold 9 rounds, I m guessing that would slow a few hogs down. I ve never been hog hunting but it seems like it would be sooo dam fun.
Main problem with the AR10/LR308 platforms are they are not exactly light. You would be hard pressed to get one under 9 lbs and typically with optics and a full mag, you probably are looking into the low teens.

12 gauge slugs work rather well, but I wouldn't shoot anything past 100 yards with one.

Originally Posted by Thorax View Post
It's ironic these people say that a 5.56 won't kill anything bigger than a 'yote but hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by them in Viet Nahm, Iraq, Afghan, Panama, Grenada, Croatia, etc etc.

American feral hogs die pretty easily with just a reasonably decent shot.
Purpose of the caliber was designed to maim and to take a soldier out of action - not to kill them. The hydrostatic shock, bullet weight and size gained from high calibers will give much better results when killing and accuracy is the goal.
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