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Originally Posted by NapalmCheese View Post
Is that a high shoulder shot and a head/neck (behind the ear) shot?

How did the high shoulder shot work out? Did you recover the bullet or did it pass through? Did it break the spine? Both shoulders? I'm genuinely curious about the efficacy of the 55 grain Barnes TSX. It's a sturdy bullet.
No, it was a shoulder shot only, it looks like a neck shot but that is just the blood dripping down and pooling behind the ear while he lay on his side. The shot was right where the blood channel begins and yes it punched through and, don't ask me how, but it entered at an upward angle and pulverized the spine. He dropped right after I shot him and went into his "death throes." I did not recover the bullet but I did from the sow that I shot on private land and like most "all copper" rounds, it mushroomed perfectly. The TSX definitely does the job and btw both kills were under 70 yds.
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